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 Fish the Jersey Shore, fly or light tackle. Fish the shallow areas of Barnegat Bay, crystal clear flats behind Island Beach State Park, miles of beach from Barnegat Inlet north to Manasqan Inlet. In shore and off shore trips where you cast to blitzing striped bass and bluefish during the fall and spring run. Walk the flats behind Island Beach State Park and site fish in the crystal clear water, head out in the boat spring, summer, or fall for striped bass, bluefish, false albacore and more. Our saltwater season starts around the end of April in the back bay areas and runs through the fall along the beaches. All trips are set up based on tides, weather, where the fish are, each trip is customized to suit the individual angler.









 Guided Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Charters

   Jersey Shore Coast

   Barnegat Bay to Sandy Hook





   Fly fishing & Light Tackle charters for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, and false albacore. Inshore and near shore boat charters in and around Barnegat Bay where you can fish the crystal clear water on the flats behind Island Beach State Park, or fish miles of coastline along the Jersey Shore. Land based trips are also an option where you can walk the shallow flats of Barnegat Bay, or fish from miles of sandy beaches along the coast. Our season starts in April in the back bay areas and runs through the late fall into December. Coastal Angler Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Charters will get you out on the water for a memorable day of fishing.

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